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Good day!

Welcome to Spectique, classy photo website with minimal photoshop edited. 

I’m Mel, the web-content creator and designer. I’m a full-time mother who have always admired photography, creativities, productions alongside social culture, travelling, and motorsport.   

I started part-time photography from my motorsport work. It was pre-photoshop days when I challenged myself to create a simple picture from complicated objects surrounding the circuit. I enjoyed and wished I could have continued. However, the work and photo learning waned since the birth of beautiful son 11 years ago. I missed the work and love being mother too.  

Last year, I thought photography would be a wonderful productive works I could create from home. 

Here are some of my amateur works which I would like to share.  Most of the photos were taken during holiday and daily activities around southern England. I hope you enjoy and I’m very pleased if you could draw me a comment or message anything you wish to know. 

Hope you have a pleasant day.

October 2018,

Meldanita Mandong

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