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Missing the Red Square Kiss Goodbye

​Afternoon in the Kutuzovsky Ave after snapped few images around Hotel Ukraina I decided to switch into the Red Square area during magic hour's for silhouettes then full moon.  I was crossing the road toward Arbat metro when suddenly a bright orange light popped out from the other side.  Intrigued my curiosity so I changed my direction, turned around and wow, I had a big smile seeing the September thin wispy clouds struggling to block the massive radiance orange and it didn’t work.  In fact, the white cloud became dark and surrender. Voila, this is going to be a wonderful sunset.  I had to ditch the Red Square and kept following where this sunset coming from and wondered would be the front object at the end of the horizon. 


Oh, dear I’m going to miss Friday lovely sunset at Red Square. Today was going to be my last clear-afternoon before heading back to Heathrow on Sunday.   It was going to be a unique photo planned.  I thought of this idea when seeing administration’s regiments, entering the gate saying goodbye to their other-half, a romantic kiss good-bye which I was eager to snap in silhouette with Kremlin backgrounders. They are so sweet.  Imagine if its WW b/w photos saying goodbye to the love ones. That could have been a classic modern Kremlin.  Wish could stay more week. 

Continued the long journey to find the horizon.  Walked on the Moscow's huge side-walk pavement with not even one single rough sleeper found anywhere in the city.  This is giving me confidence about how safe the capital was.  As a foreign tourist on her own, carrying a Canon, Lenses, and Leica, I could have been a target as I’ve seen that kind of stories in movies.  But believe me, not all the truth.  Moscow is one of safest capitals on planet.  I refer Moscow as 'the city that have place for everyone to sleep'.  Well, it has a huge army security culture which looks quite scary at the beginning, but I was chilled because they are unarmed.  With charismatic uniform, bare hand, walks around insure everyone cool.  Before departing to Moscow, I asked sources over the safety issue. "Putin will prison anyone dare to touch tourist." was the answer that gave me more self-belief to keep following the orange under the blue sky.  I kept walking, then stopped for a while at Dorogomilovskiy, stared at the sunset behind the building.  Standing at the road side, aiming through the view finder my ear suspected that Porsche 911 came across behind.  Kept clicking the Canon till the noise have gone.  I made it.  The result a bit dark but the exposure will bring it up later.  Arrived at the apartment around 1am, on the Mac Photo edited images wasn't look too impressive and it was not a Porsche neither.   I thought will wait till back home on Lightroom.  

Finally, the photo is look quite impressive. They also look photogenic and dynamite in both colour and b/w.  So, I pick them to be the front cover.  I’m very pleased with the details.  Even though underexposure but the camera able to grab attention on those electricity poles particular the sun refection’s on wires. I’m very pleased.  Here place them  3 photos together, so we can compare.  Begin on the original, I brought the exposure little higher, shadow on maximum so that the 'not a Porsche' also look brave on its own in the middle then brought down the highlight till the sky show their character. 


Till next for another stories.  

Have a great day 


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